Dick Beardsley Finisher's Shirts

Finisher's Shirts 

One of the cornerstone companies of Detroit Lakes is a not-so-little company called Lakeshirts. The company started in 1984 by best friends Mark Fritz and Mike "Hutch" Hutchinson, who  came up with an idea for a new business, selling custom-decorated T-shirts from the basement of Fritz's parents' home in Detroit Lakes.


Today, Lakeshirts is one of the most successful customized apparel companies to be found anywhere in the U.S.  And what started out as a small Detroit Lakes beachfront shirt shop has grown into a company that serves 5,000 client accounts nationwide as well as in the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico.  www.lakeshirts.com


Now... here’s the crazy thing.  Mark Fritz of Lakeshirts, just happens to be one of the Co-Founders of the Dick Beardsley Half Marathon that started in 1996! 


So... with this VERY unique coincidence, it is ONLY fitting that your Dick Beardsley Run Finisher Shirt for 2017 will be a GENUINE Lakeshirts Shirt!  Designed just like the awesome Lakeshirts that you see around the country, we’re going for something in between tech fabric and cotton!  It's the best of both worlds!


Tech shirts are plentiful in today’s racing world….this is the shirt you’re going to wear with the jeans or the shorts on a Saturday!  It’s the shirt you’re going to wear to other race expos and people will say “Where did you get that awesome shirt?”


Every race, from the Youth Run to the Full Marathon is getting an authentic Lakeshirts shirt!  Can’t wait until you see them!