The Course

Simply put:  One of the finest courses in the region!  When we say “Take the Lake”, that’s exactly what you’re going to do!  All of the races (5K, 10K, Half and Full) will have picturesque scenes along Big Detroit Lake, complete with plenty of flat stretches, a few rolling hills and cheering fans throughout the course!


All races will start and finish at the D.L. Pavilion! 


Saturday’s races (10K, Half, and Full) will all let you “Take the Lake” in one way or another.  Washington Avenue….Summit Avenue…..West Lake Dr…..South Shore……all D.L.! 


For the first time ever, we will have a 10K Run/Walk!  It’s 6.2 Miles of fun, sun and run along the lakeshore of D.L.  Half Marathoners will be taking one loop around the lake! In 2017, you’ll be going CLOCKWISE…..opposite of what you’ve done for the past 21 years!  Full Marathoners will get one of each direction…..Counter-Clockwise….then Clockwise!  Take the Lake Twice!


The 4-Person Marathon Relay will give each person one leg of 6 to 7 miles, and the Relay Exchange locations will be posted shortly.


The half and full marathon courses will be USATF Certified!  Yes….marathoners can now get to Boston via Detroit Lakes!


Aid Stations, complete with water and Gatorade will be located at approximately every 2 miles.  We will also have Medical Dropout Points for the Half Marathon (2) and for the Full Marathon(4).

The 5K Run/Walk will start at 11am - and is a great race for all ages and speeds!  By starting at 11am - we are also giving participants the opportunity to take the lake twice!  Run one of the earlier events in the morning, and participate in the 5K at 11am - and do the Beardsley Duo!

And we can't forget about the Youth Run!  Saturday at 12pm, the youth run is FREE to all kids 12 and under!